Nourishment Network

Change your Habits, Change your Life.

Mission & Values

I am passionate about 3 things: healthy living, my granddaughter and quilting, (in that order). My mission is to help people avoid chronic diseases and challenge them to discover new habits to strengthen their pursuit of health and wellness through nutrition.

If you’re experiencing low energy, brain fog, digestive symptoms, or any other health obstacles, you might need a Health Coach.

If you are diabetic, have hypertension, heart disease, are taking any type of pharmaceuticals or are worried about chronic diseases, you might need a Health Coach.

If you are overweight or obese, you might need a Health Coach.

If you’re confused about the overwhelming diet advice and information regarding foods you should be eating, you might need a Health Coach.

If you’d like your body to move and function the way it’s supposed to, without pain, you might need a Health Coach.

If you’re willing to work to change your health, in EVERY way, please call a Health Coach! By learning new tools, techniques and strategies, you can drastically improve your health outlook, your risk for diseases and your happiness, for sustainable success!

Excellence is NEVER an accident. It is ALWAYS the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives—choice, NOT chance, determines your destiny.



Nourishment Network is a personalized coaching experience empowering people to transform their lives through an intuitive eating process of support and accountability.

Nourish the Healthy You!

This 90-day program focuses on your goals and progress, successes and obstacles, assisting you with continued support and accountability. Together we use an “umbrella approach” in a transformative process that encompasses nutrition, movement, sleep hygiene, stress reduction, mindfulness and self-care practices.

Nourishment for Life!

This program is a 6-month fulfillment package, designed for people who are REALLY READY for change and believe they CAN change their habits and reverse any symptoms they are experiencing. This can be someone who wants to leap into health “cold turkey” or wants to continue their journey with a deeper dive into healthy practices for sustainable success.

Nourishment Immersion!

This program is designed for someone who wants to learn more about healthy eating with an immersion approach. I will personally come to your home, for an entire day and assist you in eliminating unhealthy choices by cleaning out your fridge and pantry, choosing healthy recipes, accompanying you to the grocery store to purchase ingredients, and help you prepare the meal. This package may be purchased alone or in combination with weekly coaching sessions. I also offer a ½ day pantry clean-out.


Kari makes you feel like you’re talking with a friend as she guides you through the process.

Jahisha M.

Kari is very knowledgeable about eating healthy, balanced meals; a very nice person and easy to connect with. We had fun going through the experience of digesting clean, fresh and rich-in-nutrient foods. She is a natural when it comes to coaching and I had a wonderful experience exploring with her.

Efthymia B.

Kari is a Registered Nurse and very knowledgeable about health and wellness. She teaches and guides her clients during their wellness journey to ensure they reach their optimal health. I highly recommend her.

Maxine T.

Kari Roper

After being a Registered Nurse for 39 years, I realized that nursing no longer aligns with my values. I cannot be a part of the “Big Pharma,” sick-care system. I want to actually HELP people! Mainstream medicine only keeps you sick and dependent on medication, not looking at the root cause of the disease. I have made it my mission to help you cut through the confusion and discover new habits that work for your body, to live the healthiest life possible.

I became interested in healthy living many years ago and eventually made the decision to pursue a career as a Health Coach, with a focus on nutrition. My own habit changes have made all the difference in my energy level, digestive process, sleep routine, and even my mental, dental and eye health. I’m 63 and feel better than when I was 40. Nutrition is the key and 80% of health. I don’t sell cookbooks or supplements; I offer ongoing support and accountability that other programs lack. I help you form a new relationship with food by eating intuitively while improving the risk factors for chronic disease and reducing or eliminating the use of toxic medication and reliance on Western medicine, one person at a time.

Cinnamon: More Precious Than Gold?

Herbs and spices are nutrient-dense and calorie free, making them a great addition to ANY recipe. The fantastic flavors and aromas will result in amazingly delicious and nutritious meals for your family. Spices are a great way to Jazz up your meals without unhealthy salt and sugar.

Cucumbers: Versatile and Edible Too!

Hi, Friends! Who knew that simple cucumbers could be so healthy and versatile?

The Case for Supplementation

I take about 18 different supplements every day, many I’ve taken for years. My former nursing supervisor once laughed at me, when I told her about my supplement use and said “you must have expensive pee.” I told her, “Well, I feel amazing and never get sick, so I...

Healthy Eating in the Workplace: Salad Prepping

Salads are an easy way to make sure you eat a healthy lunch. Learning how to prep them ahead of time is a skill that can benefit the whole family.

Avocados: Nutritious AND Delicious

Avocados are an amazing addition to your diet, contributing to a tasty and nutritious lifestyle.

Food Diary: Necessary or a Waste of Time?

Keeping is a food log is a great practice if you’re trying to lose weight. In studies, people who kept a log of their food and drink, lost twice as much as those who didn’t keep records. Here’s some tips on how to do it: Write down shat you’re eating, how much you’re...